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The Digital Bricks: A Media Facade for Research and Collaboration 2021 / Publications

Emerging economic and demographic trends stimulate universities across the globe to promote better connections with industry, governments and communities. By clustering within Knowledge and Innovation Districts, they are able to respond more quickly to societal and scientific challenges. Architecture is crucial in driving their success by providing spaces that encourage convergence, connectivity and proximity.

In this paper, we report on the design process of The Digital Bricks, a media façade for Melbourne Connect, a new Knowledge and Innovation District in Melbourne, Australia. We analyze our process through the lens of client and design team, and illustrate how vision and motivation translate into tangible design outcomes. Our insights reveal interesting future directions for media architecture practice and research, by way of (1) its synergies with Knowledge and Innovation Districts, (2) evaluating the success of non-commercial media architecture, and (3) the opportunities for media architects as experts that coordinate media architecture projects from conception to delivery.

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Wouters, N., Hunt, T., Dziemidowicz, O., Hiscock, R. and Vetere, F. Media Architecture in Knowledge and Innovation Districts: Designing a Canvas for Research, Culture and Collaboration. In Proceedings of the Media Architecture Biennale 2018, ACM (2018). Bibtex Endnote Download PDF

Wouters, N. and Anderson, S. If These Walls Could Talk. Pursuit (2021). Bibtex Read article

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