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The Digital Bricks: Decolonising Media Architecture 2021 / Publications

Emerging economic and demographic trends stimulate universities across the globe to promote better connections with industry, governments and communities. By clustering within Knowledge and Innovation Districts, they are able to respond more quickly to societal and scientific challenges. Architecture is crucial in driving their success by providing spaces that encourage convergence, connectivity and proximity.

I have designed and acquired funding for The Digital Bricks, a world-first and award winning architecturally integrated media façade. The digital bricks can display a broad range of media from static images to video content to generative visualisations and have the functionality to act as one media display of 226 individual high definition displays. The media façade will provide Science Gallery Melbourne and its partners with opportunities to strengthen their pioneering role in terms of architectural design, urban technology, human-computer interaction, and public engagement.

The inaugural content piece features images and photographs that aim to connect Australia's First Peoples' knowledge and the local area's colonial history, telling an important story called The Digital Birthing Tree. The story takes viewers on a journey from pre-colonial knowledge to Western colonisation and occupation of Country over a 24-minute video featuring photographs from the University's collections.

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